QC water woes continue

  • Oct. 22, 2003 3:00 p.m.

The Queen Charlotte Management Committee is trying a way to replenish two wells (#11 and #12 at Tarundl Creek), and wondering if it can recover an abandoned well, to produce more water for the town.
Maintenance workers are installing a 10 foot wide perforated culvert near Tarundl Creek. It will fill with water, which will be pumped into well #11. Well’s #11 and #12 normally replenish during the winter rainy season, but this will speed up the process.
The committee had to shut down well #12 over a year ago when increasing salt levels showed it was stressed from over use. Engineers advised the committee to try this technique in the hope that it will help well #12 recover.
Maintenance supervisor Victor La Boucane reported on the culvert project to the committee at last week’s regular meeting. He also let the committee know he had received lab reports back about well C, a decommissioned well that he thought might be recoverable.
It was cleaned earlier this year, and began producing water again, but lab tests show the water doesn’t meet Canada Drinking Water Guidelines, says Mr. La Boucane. The iron and manganese levels are well above those recommended. In order to use the well, it would have to be reconnected to the pipe and hydro systems, and he asked the committee whether he should continue with the project or not.
After some discussion, the committee asked Mr. La Boucane to continue pumping the well with a temporary pump, and testing the water for another week to see if the quality improves.
The committee will review the tests at its next meeting and make a decision about the well at that time.