QC zoning bylaw edges closer

  • Apr. 16, 2013 9:00 a.m.

Consultation on Queen Charlotte’s zoning bylaw continued earlier this week, with the fourth open house held Monday evening. The bylaw will divide the village into several zones, including central commercial, rural residential and general industrial. At Monday’s open house, Dorothy and Mike Garrett of Dorothy and Mike’s Bed and Breakfast on Second Aveenue attended, and raised concerns about the level of regulation the bylaw imposes on bed and breakfasts. “There are too many rules here,” Ms Garrett said, “(It) tells you the size your room has to be…it says the number of guests per room.” Chief Administrative Officer Peter Weeber said the new rules will apply to new B&B’s, not existing ones, and he agreed to meet with the Garretts at their convenience to go over their concerns in more detail. The village now will organize the feedback it has received on the bylaw, then finalize the document. It is likely to be brought forward to council in May or June. “There is no reason to hurry it,” mayor Carol Kulesha said.