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QCI Rec Commission explained

Submitted by the QCI Recreation Commission--Established in 1980, the QCI Regional Recreation Commission (QCI Rec. for short) has been recognized for twenty-nine years. Our objective is to provide recreation and leisure opportunities for the islands communities through your local school drop-in programs, registered fitness classes, art or music classes and even our annual Children's Summer Program. We do our best to attain this objective.Within the last six months, there have been changes at QCI Rec. bringing in a new Recreation Coordinator, Julia Brobbel, and adding three new Commissioners making seven in total. The commissioners, in each community, represent your voice for recreation or leisure programs you'd like to see in your town, and they are keen on talking with you and invite you to ask about or suggest programs you would like to have or even teach. Members of our commission have been involved with QCI Rec. for some time; Lisa Waring, Port Clements commissioner, originally worked as one of QCI Rec.'s Summer Program Coordinators as well as many years bookkeeping for the commission. Kris Olsen, member at large, remembers our summer program playing a huge role in his life when he was much younger.From July to December 2008, we offered thirty registered programs plus the Children's Summer Program and have had 281 registered participants from all over the islands. All our instructors are local folk contributing their talents to their communities and we are always on the lookout for more islanders that want to offer their abilities to the public. We believe you should be able to "teach what you love" and give the opportunity for you to realize this by advertising your classes for you, booking locations, taking registration and providing insurance. At times we have partnered with other island residents and clubs by writing proposals for local funding, penning letters of support, and even sponsoring QCI Rec. drop in volunteers for their first aid certificate.Last summer, QCI Rec. received ideas and comments from residents and we found that you want to see programs that expound upon the beauty of our location. So we thought we'd answer by offering kayaking and surf classes that filled up so fast we have to offer more. This fall, there were babysitters courses, art and dance classes and a first ever School of Rock program. The Rec Coordinator wrote proposals and received generous funds from the Northern Health Authority, Gwaii Trust and the Northern Savings Credit Union that helped make the modified exercise class, Alternate Fitness, run in your community. Because of the funding the Alternate Fitness class is free for participants and will start again soon in the New Year.Our latest venture for 2009 will be to start Movie Nights to help quell the winter doldrums and provide some entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. The great part is that QCI Rec. will get the movie; book the dates, locations, run the movie and the door. Your community club then has the opportunity to run the concession to raise money for your cause. If you log onto and manoeuvre to Registered Programs then click on Movie Nights, you can register your club to run the concession. It's on a first come first serve basis, so sign up quick!QCI Rec. and its commissioners welcome you to call the Rec. Coordinator at the office Monday through Thursday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, 1-800-557-4418 or at 250-626-5652. There's our website and weekly ad for our programs. Sandra Beggs, Queen Charlotte Commissioner: 559-8831, Kris Olsen, Member at Large: 559-8363 and Lisa Waring, Port Clements Commissioner: 557-4488 would like to hear from you if you have any questions or comments regarding recreation or the commission.