QCI Rec offering summer day camps

  • Jun. 22, 2009 3:00 p.m.

Submitted by Julia Brobbel-Although the name has changed from Explorations to Infusion, QCI Rec’s summer day camps remain child-centred. The upcoming camps will provide unique learning opportunities for kids, and allow school curriculum to continue into the summer months disguised by fun games, hobbies, and crafts! In past years, specialists were asked to share their skills with campers while this year, BC certified teachers Tiffany Lavoie and Anna Zimmerman will be working on child-led projects. Participants will be asked to work with a small plot of soil, deciding how to landscape and decorate the area for the future of the community. They will also learn about our past through stories and field trips to museums and libraries. Sculptures and other building projects as well as drama, puppets, and drumming will allow campers to find an area in which they excel. For those not so artistically inclined time will be set aside for learning how to use stilts, and other tricky skills, as well as exploring our environment. Naturally, it won’t seem like much fun learning something new without being able to show it off! A great exhibition of the campers’ learning will take place the last Friday of each two-week camp for parents, grandparents and friends to attend.If you need more information or have an idea the camp teachers could use for a project, please call QCI Rec toll-free at 1-888-557-4418 or find our schedules in the QCI Rec ad or online at www.qcirec.com. Brochures and application forms have been placed around the communities. QCI Rec would like to gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Ministry of Education and 2010 Legacies Now.