QC’s dragon boats going to Skidegate

  • Dec. 23, 2009 7:00 a.m.

Queen Charlotte’s dragon boats are heading for Skidegate. Queen Charlotte council voted to give the dragon boats and equipment to the Skidegate Band Council after receiving a letter from Chief Councillor Willard Wilson. The letter said the band council is willing to take ownership of the boats and they would insure them for their full value and liability. At the Dec. 21 council meeting, mayor Carol Kulesha said the boats had to be transferred to the Skidegate council in order to be stored in that community. Councillor Kris Olsen said that Andy Wilson had expressed interest in having the boats for training and that they would be kept at the Haida Heritage Centre. He said storing them there would benefit both communities and high school students from several island communities. “Everyone will have an opportunity to use the boats,” he said. QC’s acting administrator Debra Uliana said the boats had to be given away as they were purchased with grant money. She said the village has spent about $3,000 over the past three years on the boats. A document will be drawn up to transfer ownership and Councillor Olsen said he hoped to get them towed to Skidegate before Christmas.