QC’s Spirit Square progressing

  • May. 10, 2010 10:00 a.m.

The design is still being refined, but the basic elements for Queen Charlotte’s Spirit Square are in place. Queen Charlotte’s chief administrative officer Bill Beamish says the next step is to put together all the details so a construction plan can be put out to tender. An artist’s drawing of the space on the causeway in Queen Charlotte (between the Visitor Information Centre and the road across from the Credit Union) shows a grassy rise up against the Career Development Centre, a concrete pathway, a bandstand and a plaza area with benches. Temporary tents can also be set up for different events. Mr. Beamish says a road leading through the square will not be part of the project, mainly because the Visitor Information Centre will not allow a roadway through its parking lot. Another change is that the wooden boardwalk was eliminated as people were concerned that it might be slippery. A concrete pathway will be created instead. Mr. Beamish says the project must be finished by March 31, 2011 but he wouldn’t commit to a timeframe on construction yet. The name Spirit Square comes from the $20 million provincial funding program which was set up to help municipalities create or improve outdoor public meeting and celebration spaces. The $480,000 Spirit Square project has been underway since 2007 and the village plans on spending $290,000 to complete the project in 2010. Most of the funding has been provided through grants from the province, Gwaii Trust and the Coast Sustainability Trust.