Quake shakes seabed off Haida Gwaii

  • Jul. 3, 2009 8:00 p.m.

It may have felt like a large truck was rumbling by, but in fact, an earthquake shook the islands on July 2. Roeland Denooij was in the kitchen of his Beitush Road home in Tlell when he felt the shaking at around 8:07 pm. “It reminded me of living in the city with all the traffic,” he said. But then he noticed the heat shield behind his wood stove shimmering as the rumble continued and realized it was likely an earthquake. According to Natural Resources Canada’s website the quake was measured at magnitude 4.0. Its epicentre was at latitude 53.83 north and longitude 131.42 west, which is offshore from Naikoon Provincial Park in Hecate Strait. The website says there were no reports of damage and none were expected. Mr. Denooij said it was the first noticeable earthquake he’s felt since moving to the islands three years ago. He did not find any damage either. But not everyone in the home felt the earth move. Mr. Denooij and his wife Janet had a few friends over at the time. She and several other guests who were in the living room did not feel the earthquake, but one other individual standing in the kitchen did.