Queen Charlotte chooses torch runner

  • Oct. 16, 2009 8:00 a.m.

Queen Charlotte has chosen 18 year-old Alan Moore to be the torchbearer who will carry the flame to light the cauldron during the local Olympic Torch relay next month. The Queen Charlotte branch of the torch committee nominated Mr. Moore, said mayor Carol Kulesha. As a celebration community, Charlotte was allowed to choose one torchbearer to represent the village during the Nov. 3 torch relay events. Ms Kulesha said the community was given a list of attributes to look out for by the Vancouver Olympic organizing committee and gathered together a list of possible candidates. Three were shortlisted and Mr. Moore topped that list. Mr. Moore, who was born and educated in Queen Charlotte, is now in his first year at the University of Victoria. He graduated from Queen Charlotte Secondary last June where he was president of the student council during Grades 11 and 12 and an honours student in Grade 12. He is an active athlete (soccer, hockey and skiing), coach and volunteer. Mr. Moore is one of 12,000 Canadians chosen to carry the Olympic flame across the country. The celebration in Queen Charlotte will include performances by the Gwaii Singers Choir and other local musicians. Midway through the morning program, Mr. Moore will carry the torch on its final 300 metres to the stage where he will light the 1.3 metre high celebration cauldron in a move similar to the dramatic highlight of what will occur during the opening ceremony for the 2010 Olympic Games. Ms Kulesha said Mr. Moore’s proud parents, Keith Moore and Helen McPhee, are bringing him up from Victoria for the events. The Observer tried to get a comment from him, but he was between class, handing in an assignment and studying for a mid-term exam. Ms Kulesha said that the torch will be both run and driven during the relay on the islands. She said several other people on the islands applied through the Coca Cola and RBC process to be torchbearers and she’s not sure when the others will be announced. Due to tight security policies, she is not allowed to discuss the route of the torch, but she understands Skidegate will also be nominating a torchbearer. She was not sure about Sandspit. The Observer was unable to find out any more details about other local torchbearers by our deadline. Members of the all-islands torch committee include: Christine Martyniuk, Angus Wilson, Andrew Merilees, Elizabeth Condrotte, Fran Fowler, Sharon Schultz, Cathy Baran, Hope Setso, Julia Brobbel, Betsy Cardell, Margaret Davies, Sgt. Rob Knapton, Rose Russ, and Terrie Dionne.