Queen Charlotte clinic to reopen soon

  • Nov. 7, 2007 8:00 a.m.

With a little luck, the Queen Charlotte clinic may be back in business early next week. The building was closed October 30 after staff discovered an oil leak, but as of Tuesday (November 6), the clean-up was finished, and water and air samples taken for analysis. “We are awaiting results,” said Kerry Laidlaw, QC hospital site manager, who said they were expected Wednesday. If the green light is given, the move back could start Wednesday or Thursday, with the medical clinic taking a few days to transfer, since files were moved to the hospital while the clinic building was out of commission. “Staff adapted well. They worked together, we tried to put patients first. I believe the clinic managed to function,” Mr. Laidlaw said, “we tried to do it with the least amount of disruption possible. Eight-hundred litres of home heating oil leaked from a 14-month old tank behind the clinic, outside the building. Northern Health is investigating why it happenedThe leak was discovered Monday morning and the clinic closed on Tuesday, because of fumes from the fuel. Mr. Laidlaw had praise staff involved, and said once moved back, the old clinic building will seem huge. He also thanks Telus for doing a great job diverting telephone calls from the clinic number, making it easier for patients to keep in touch. The clinic will continue to operate out of the hospital until it moves back to its own building.