Queen Charlotte community plan needs review

  • Mar. 8, 2010 3:00 p.m.

Queen Charlotte’s Official Community Plan needs to be reviewed by an experienced municipal planner before moving from draft to adoption, says chief administrative officer Bill Beamish. Mr. Beamish has asked council for permission to request quotes from at least five qualified planners for a technical review of the July 2009 draft document. Queen Charlotte’s Advisory Planning Commission, established in 2006, created the document and since it was presented to council for consideration last summer, very little work has been done says Mr. Beamish. Mr. Beamish told council at the March 1 meeting that the planner would provide comment on whether the draft OCP meets the legislative requirements for adoption and whether the policies included are suitable for good planning for a community of 1000 to 1500 people. “Is this draft capable of being implemented?” said Mr. Beamish. If the answers to any of the above are no, then the reviewer would be asked to suggest alternatives. The draft will still be reviewed by council again and be brought forward to the public before being adopted as well. “It is still a while before the bylaw, but we need to move forward or the material will become dated,” he said. Mr. Beamish also added the work of the committee was very well done. Councillor Kris Olsen repeated that a local committee did the work because people were concerned that an outside consultant wouldn’t listen to the concerns of the community. “I think it is important the APC took this on,” he said.