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Queen Charlotte Council looks to future

Completing the water system, anticipating road maintenance needs, investigating secondary sewage treatment options, establishing broader tourism connections and developing an industrial park are all part of Queen Charlotte's priorities for the coming year.The Village of Queen Charlotte's annual report was made available before the July 6 council meeting. It outlines accomplishments from 2008 and looks toward future plans.Mayor Carol Kulesha says much previous planning came to fruition in 2008. The funds for Spirit Square and phase two of the community park, as well as the water project are in the bank, she wrote. As well, the skateboard park was completed and further planning for the area got underway."Supplying safe and adequate basic services remains the highest priority of council," she wrote.Future success for the water utility will include completion of the Stanley Lake/Honna River water source project and the provision of odourless, good tasting drinking water. Water meter data will be analyzed and a plan for water conservation implemented.According to the audited financial statements, Queen Charlotte raised $1,054,768 in taxes, grants, services and other revenue in 2008. The village spent $779,263.