Queen Charlotte council supports NaiKun’s community relations efforts

  • Nov. 26, 2008 12:00 p.m.

After some discussion Queen Charlotte councillors agreed to send NaiKun Wind Development Inc. a letter of support related to their recent BC Hydro bid. The letter will specifically only support NaiKun’s community relations’ efforts, and will not generally support the bid, councillors said. The letter to NaiKun was discussed at the Nov. 17 council meeting after council received a request for the support letter from the wind development proponent. Councillor Greg Martin cautione he was not enthusiastic about giving overall support for the bid. “I don’t feel I have enough information to know if it is environmentally sustainable and it won’t exterminate crabs,” he said. The letter of request sent by Lucy Shaw, director of North Coast relations, asked for a statement from the council that upholds the project and the company’s efforts. She wrote that such letters could express support for community relations and acknowledge that the company has been in regular communication. When the Observer asked councillors whether the optics of sending a letter of support outweighs the exact wording of the letter – even if it only supports the public relations efforts of the company – we were told by Councillor Martin, “only if they don’t actually read the letter.”