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  • Nov. 16, 2011 5:00 p.m.

Evelyn von AlmassyI’ve lived here for twenty-one1and a half years; ten in Masset, the last eleven and a half years in Queen Charlotte.I was attracted here because of the beauty, with the vision of living in balance with the environment, knowing who my neighbours are, and working to make the community an even better place. I’d like us to be more independent from the mainland. We have a wealth of people here, experts in many fields. We need to further tap their knowledge. We are stronger when we work together. I don’t believe government needs to control all parts of our lives. We also need to think of the benefits and disadvantages for everyone when creating by-laws, rather than just for individuals. But individuals and minorities also need a voice. I believe a society is judged by how it treats its most defenseless, powerless people, (including our four-legged, feathered and reptile friends). Disenfranchised individuals cannot be forgotten, and youth and elderly must be remembered in planning.It takes a village to raise a child. It takes everyone in the village to make it a healthy place to live. Being a union president showed me how to be open to all perspectives. I enjoy taking the lead in projects, but I love to work with others. I have the time, energy and positive outlook to believe I can make a difference. I believe in open, transparent government.I’ll listen, work hard for everyone and keep my sense of humour if elected.Kim ClaggettFirst a sincere thanks to all the people who have dedicated countless time and energy to this town. In case you don’t know me, I’m married to Mike Hennigan and we have a 9 year old son, Wyatt. I work at the credit union and I’m a trained mediator. I hear people say that they are worried about council’s spending and priorities. This town is truly unique. It has a long history of letting people live their lives how they see fit, with support and services, but little interference. Let’s respect the history of how this town developed. Let’s make our focus families and businesses, youth and seniors. Let’s find more creative ways to keep people and money in our community.I believe we should take a closer look at the long term implications of building more projects which will mean more long-term maintenance. The people I know who visit here are charmed by the natural beauty, the abundance of local artists, and the uniqueness of our lifestyle. Let’s celebrate and embrace what makes us different. Let’s foster creative solutions. Wise people have said, “if you don’t use your right to vote, you risk losing that right.” If elected I will commit to representing the people who love this town.I will bring: a broad range of opinions from the variety of people I talk to; open mindedness; compassion; honesty and a strong sense of justice. Let’s together be the change we wish to see in the world.Ellen CranstonI am delighted to put my name forward to the 2011 candidacy for Queen Charlotte village council. A newcomer to Haida Gwaii, I will celebrate my third winter here and I’m quite content with green grass all year round. I’ve always played an active role in my chosen community – a commitment that extends to the workplace and beyond. In my current position as Executive Assistant to Administration at Queen Charlotte Islands General Hospital, I am responsible for recruiting physician locums and providing a high-level of administrative support to the Hospital Site Administrator.My volunteer life is where I demonstrate a lively passion and commitment to community service. I am currently the Vice Chair of the NW for the United Way of Northern BC Board of Directors, an essential social services volunteer with the QC PEP program, Hospital Day Committee Chair, Secretary of the Skidegate Inlet Lion’s Club and I’ve facilitated two professional etiquette sessions at QCSS.The Official Community Plan signed off this year by the current council is a great foundation for the future and I would support the proposals in that document. There is a policy for supporting and encouraging a variety of businesses, for reducing greenhouse gases, a willingness to integrate with neighboring communities, the recognition of a need for a youth centre and youth worker, and a community park. I would also advocate for lower fares on BC Ferries.On November 19, I respectfully ask for your vote..third name on the Ballot..Ellen Cranston.Thank you.Leslie JohnsonI’ve appreciated the opportunity to serve the community by working on council over the past three years. I’ve found the task to be challenging and rewarding at the same time, and have learned quite a bit in the process. I believe I’ve had a positive influence on council and the direction the village is taking. I haven’t won every argument, but that’s democracy. The important thing for me is to be informed and engaged in the process.The reason I’m running again is because I think I have something to offer. I care about our community and want to participate in its local government. I want to see the completion of the Community Park by the tennis courts and the pedestrian-friendly seawalk. I want to see a legal framework for implementing the Official Community Plan. Progress was made this year in working with Skidegate on matters that affect both our communities and I want to see us continue in this direction. I also want to work on islands-wide issues with the CHN and all the Islands communities through the protocol table process. MIEDS is responsible for the community forest tenures, however, I will advocate through my position on council that the tenure be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and that it provide local employment. Jobs are the profit to the communities and any income over and above that should stay within the company to invest in training and further job creation.Please vote Saturday, November 19. Thanks.Greg MartinI am seeking reelection to QC Council to build on the good work already done, bring other projects to completion and make this an even better place to live. What have we achieved?. kept municipal taxes low by “living within our means”. brought in $6m of extra grant money for water and other infrastructure projects – most spent with local contractors/suppliers. started work on Stanley Lake Water Wier to ensure safe water supply in summer. revitalized the downtown core with the Spirit Square initiative. upgraded the cemetery. conducted the most open and transparent governance on Haida GwaiiWhat is the role of local government?Among other things, to lead. Some have argued that council should not bring in primary dollars from outside sources into our local economy by “chasing grants”, and see only managing “roads, sewer and water” as village functions. Staff does that already: then why even have a council?Setting the Stage for Our Future Economy I will work with council and MIEDS to lobby the provincial government to:. lower ferry rates by amending Ferry Act. grant industrial land. replace hospital and hence draw retirees. obtain barge landing . improve energy supply and security. encourage value-added fish and wood productsOur village needs good leadership in these difficult times. I’m a team player who believes that differences in opinion on council should be treated respectfully. I would be honored to receive your support on November 19.Kris OlsenFor a community that works!Thank you very much for the opportunity to represent the Village of Queen Charlotte for the past six years and wish all people to encourage everyone to come out and vote on November 19. Sitting on council over the past six years was a very rewarding experience and I look forward to participating with the same enthusiasm and excitement that I put forward previously.For those community members who don’t know me, I am 35 years old, born and raised in Queen Charlotte, and a father of an eleven year old daughter with a strong sense of community involvement on both an inlet and island level. I work in the Queen Charlotte Secondary School as a special education assistant and have been a strong supporter of island wide youth initiatives through among many things my work at the teen centre, which promote island pride.My main belief is to be cautious on spending, while maintaining an open relationship with the community our council represents.During council’s third term I think it is important to continue strengthening our ties with the Skidegate Band Council and to take a stronger role in continuing the all island protocol meetings. Our true community strength is in our islands’ connection to one another.As a new municipality, let us make it possible for our families and young people to remain home and earn a living, while encouraging sustainable economic growth and new families to join our community.James ReidSitting down to write this article, I knew I did not want to do two things: I did not want to make empty promises, and I did not want to spout rhetoric. I do want to speak from my heart about what I see as one of the core issues in this election.Over the last two weeks, I have heard time and time again that people do not believe our village council is transparent, or (perhaps more alarmingly) they have lost faith in the idea of government. This troubles me.This troubles me because we need our local government (and I shudder at how cliché this sounds) and our local government needs us. Forestry and fishing, two of our traditional mainstays, are industries well into their decline. Tourism is also on the decline and our food and energy prices are only continuing to go up. I believe we need to confront the harsh realities we are, and will be, dealing with.To do this, council needs to work with people by helping to support their ideas, and trying to find people to support theirs. I do not have all of the answers, but I believe that somebody in our community does.Questioning transparency can no longer be an issue going forward because the council and the community will need to be working hand in hand. I believe by doing this we can build our community into something special.I look forward to joining you in this process.

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