Queen Charlotte counting heads

  • Nov. 21, 2005 6:00 p.m.

Submitted by Fran Fowler–Queen Charlotte wants all the money we are due from Victoria, so the village is doing a headcount, paid for by Victoria. Why does it matter; $250 a head (doesn’t matter how old the head is) comes to the community, so we don’t want to miss anyone!
All we need is an accurate count of the number of people living within the area formerly known as Electoral Area “F” which includes Robertson, Lina, Fleury and the Balch Islands.
On the weekend and Monday of Nov. 26-28, a team of counters will be going through town counting people. Each house (and boat) will be visited, using street numbering maps, and the number of persons living there will be counted. If you are not home the enumerator will leave a note at your door.
It’s really important that everyone co-operates, as the weather may not be fun and people may be away. If you know for sure about the neighbours and they are not home, please help the headcount out and give them the numbers.
The headcounter team is; Carolyn Hesseltine, who takes on eastern side of 1st Avenue; and Norma Louis has the western side of 8th Avenue plus the islands. Fran Fowler gets to fill in, do forms and double check, etc.
If you think you might have been missedÂ…please call 559-4691 or email ffowler@island.net so we can double check that you were counted correctly. If you have children who are away at school but normally spend part of their year living here – they count!
The team does not expect to speak to everyone but we will get your numbers with either personal knowledge or with help from the neighbours. There is no personal information needed whatsoever. Citizenship or age doesn’t matter only if you live here. We’re double checking on the status of unborn babies!
Any questions or concerns contact Fran Fowler, between Nov. 25 and 30th.