Queen Charlotte exploring skatepark idea

  • Oct. 17, 2003 7:00 a.m.

Interest in building a skatepark in Queen Charlotte continues to build as the management committee investigates the cost of the project.
A skatepark could be built for under $100,000, said management committee office manager Debra Uliana, who has been researching similar parks in northern communities.
MacKenzie bought a portable skatepark for $90,000, which they bring out in the spring and summer months, and then store for the winter, she said. Smithers built a concrete skatepark for a similar price.
The majority of committee members felt a skatepark would be a good recreational investment for the community’s youth.
The committee had a few housekeeping issues to discuss at last week’s meeting.
• The committee discovered their insurance didn’t cover vandalism damage done at one of the town’s wells earlier this year, so they took a closer look at their insurance policy and discovered it doesn’t cover very much at all.
“We’ve had insurance for years and when we needed it, it didn’t pay. We weren’t insured for what we thought we were,” said committee member Carol Kulesha.
Ms Kulesha is going to investigate how Queen Charlotte’s insurance compares to other communities and see if the town’s insurance coverage can be improved.
• The committee discussed which businesses in town should be required to have grease traps, and decided that any garage or any business with a deep fryer must get one installed to prevent grease build up in the sewer lines. At the end of last year, the committee had to shell out about $10,000 to clean the grease clogged sewer system.
• Ms Kulesha said the committee might get an infrastructure grant to pay for metering and a second reservoir after all. She returned from the UBCM fairly certain the town’s application would be declined, but since then she’s received calls indicating some government interest in financing the proposed project.