Queen Charlotte floats to be improved

  • Jan. 21, 2005 12:00 p.m.

A section of the Queen Charlotte floats will be moved and improved by the end of March.
The access gangway, now at the end of the wharf, will be moved to lead from the causeway to the floats.
The improved floats will be more convenient for the commercial sports fishing fleet, said Mr. Olsen. Charter boats will have a designated place to tie-up, making loading and unloading easier.
Right now, people who want to get to the floats must walk past the fish plant. If a boat is unloading, either the workers must pause, or the boaters wait. Moving the gangway will eliminate this, said harbour manager Bob Olsen.
The improvements will cost about $90,000, with most coming from the federal government and the rest from the local harbour authority.
D & E Towing and Salvage of Port Clements won the contract to do the improvements, but the new gangway will be pre-fabricated in Vancouver. Although no work has been done yet, materials have been bought, and Mr. Olsen said he expects work to begin soon.
This will be the first stage of improvements to the floats. The next will be to put up a chain link fence and expand parking in the causeway area.