Queen Charlotte Legion assets to be sold

  • May. 14, 2004 12:00 p.m.

Volunteers have been busy cleaning the Queen Charlotte legion building, and are about to start selling everything in it, says president Leona Ridley.
The legion closed last month after running out of money.
Ms Ridley said a general meeting held May 8 attracted 22 people. Some people were interested in trying to save the legion – a Queen Charlotte institution since 1947 – but none had firm business plans.
Ms Ridley said that given the poor economy and the trend towards less drinking, she believed it would be virtually impossible to keep the legion open.
Legions all over the province are in the same position as the Queen Charlotte one, she said: squeezed for cash and relying on a small group of hard-working volunteers.
One of the ideas put forward, she said, was talking to the Northern Savings Credit Union about moving the Queen Charlotte branch into the legion building, which is larger than its current building. The legion could then re-open in the smaller credit union space.
Meanwhile, Ms Ridley and other volunteers are busy cleaning the building and taking inventory. Donated artwork is being given back, and the photos of veterans which once hung on the walls are being sent back to their families.