Queen Charlotte legion closes

  • Apr. 26, 2004 12:00 p.m.

A landmark of downtown Queen Charlotte since 1947, the legion closed its doors for the final time last week.
President Leona Ridley said the executive made the difficult decision to close the bar April 19, after reviewing the financial situation. The legion simply was not making enough money to cover its expenses, Ms Ridley said.
“We couldn’t afford to pay our staff,” she said. “Unfortunately our bills far exceeded what we took in every month. It was a real struggle.”
One of the final blows, she said, was the opening of the new bar at the Skidegate bowling alley.
The BC/Yukon command is taking over and will be deciding how to wrap things up in the next couple of weeks, Ms Ridley said. Already, she has had one offer to buy the building and all its contents. Everything will have to be sold, she said. After the debts are paid, the remaining money will go to the Prince Rupert legion, which is also facing tough times.