Queen Charlotte LNG resolution passes

  • Oct. 21, 2014 11:00 a.m.

The Union of BC Municipalities passed a resolution proposed by the Village of Queen Charlotte that aims to encourage extensive planning and dialogue regarding liquid natural gas development in British Columbia. “When a resolution passes, it’s a direction UBCM is supposed to look at and push for. It holds quite a bit of power,” said Charlotte mayor Carol Kulesha, “This resolution appeals to many different people. Whether someone is pro-LNG or anti-LNG, I don’t think anyone is against having a solid plan.” The resolution encourages the provincial government, First Nations, environmental groups, and the federal government to work together, looking at the cumulative effects of LNG development and creating a comprehensive plan based on economic and environmental impact assessments. “For me, so many things have happened to us, such as the BC Ferries cuts. I don’t think the government thought things out enough. There were many unintended negative consequences. There are so many LNG projects out there and I don’t think they’re coordinated enough,” she said, “Whether or not it’s listened to, (the resolution) is a statement of where people stand.” The resolution was passed at the end of the UBCM Conference in Whistler on September 26 (Friday).