Queen Charlotte RCMP concerned about drug use

  • Feb. 27, 2006 5:00 p.m.

A drug overdose in Skidegate and a recent bust in Queen Charlotte point to rampant drug use in the communities that has Queen Charlotte RCMP very concerned.
Sergeant Neil Hogg said police were called to a residence in Skidegate on February 23 after they received a complaint about a drug overdose.
The adult male suffered life-threatening injuries as a result and was transported to the hospital, he says.
“This is a prime example of what the community faces,” he said.
Police also seized a small quantity of marijuana from an adult male in Queen Charlotte February 22.
Sgt. Hogg says he is hoping to address the drug issues and substance abuse in communities now that his detachment is up to full staffing levels.
“The present drug dealing situation is putting all our children at risk,” he says.
He thanks the public for their assistance so far in identifying dealers and wants to remind them that the police highly guard any information revealed to them.
“Many in the community have demonstrated they’ve had enough and aren’t willing to let the drug dealers destroy their community and children,” he says.
Sgt. Hogg says in order to deal with the cocaine and marijuana issues, the RCMP need continued public input.
Officers have stepped up patrols and will be stopping people in the streets a lot more, especially those walking late at night.
“It’s not that we suspect them,” he says, but if incidents take place in neighbouring areas, these people may have witnessed something significant. “It’s also a way to keep in touch with the community and people in the streets,” he says.
Sgt. Hogg says the police investigation covers all drug related issues and dealers. To date, his officers have not encountered any crystal meth in the communities and they want to keep it that way.