Queen Charlotte Secondary announces honour roll and bursary

  • Jul. 14, 2003 9:00 a.m.

Submitted by Clemens Rettich–Year End Honour Roll
Gold: April Dutheil.
Silver: Katrina Husband, Rowen Bellamy, Jack De Bucy, Luke Borserio, Norma Louis, Ben Drover, Holden Bellamy, Nicole Whittle, Jessica Collingridge, Dana Myshrall, Katie Nickerson, Kellie Hett, Thea Borserio.
Bronze: Breanna Abbott, Brian Marrs, Alan Lore, Jamie Richardson, Kayla Ross, Stacey Shantz, James Moody, Kacper Kochanek, Camille Collinson, Chelsey Ellis, Dane Richardson, Korey Fletcher.
Grad Class Valedictorians: Thea Borserio and Roi Yalte
Excellence in English: Junior-Jack De Bucy and Luke Borserio, Senior-Kacper Kochanek
Excellence in Social Studies: Junior-Jack De Bucy and Luke Borserio, Senior-Kacper Kochanek
Excellence in Science: Junior-Jamie Richardson, Senior-Kellie Hett
Excellence in Math: Junior-Jack De Bucy, Senior-Dana Myshrall
Excellence in Computer Technology: Junior-Nicole Whittle and Holden Bellamy, Senior-Kory Louis
Excellence in Haida: Willy Wilson
Excellence in French: Breanna Abbott
Excellence in Technology Education: Junior-Evan Putterill, Senior-Korey Fletcher
Student Council Executive: Dana Myshrall
Top Academic Students: Grade 8-April Dutheil, Grade 9-Jack De Bucy, Grade 10-Ben Drover, Grade 11-Dana Myshrall, Grade 12-Kellie Hett
Junior Student of the Year Award: Luke Borserio and Nicole Whittle
Senior Student of the Year Award: Thea Borserio
Most Improved Senior Student: Kacper Kochanek
Most Dedicated Students: Grade 8-April Dutheil, Grade 9-Luke Borserio, Grade 10-Ben Drover, Grade 11-Katie Nickerson, Grade 12-Thea Borserio
Female Athlete of the Year: Katie Nickerson and Thea Borserio
Male Athlete of the Year: Korey Fletcher
Gwaii Trust Bursaries: Dane Richardson, Kellie Hett, Janine Williams, Korey Fletcher, Thea Borserio, Camille Collinson, Ashley Abbott, Kory Louis, Eric Uttendorfer, Josh Wesley, Chelsey Ellis
Helen Puls Memorial Bursary: Thea Borserio
Russel Puls Memorial Bursary: Dane Richardson
Key West Insurance Elaine West Memorial Bursary: Dane Richardson
Langara Fishing Lodge Bursary: Dane Richardson
Northern Savings Credit Union George Viereck Memorial Bursary: Kellie Hett
QCDTA Bursary: Camille Collinson
Queen Charlotte Senior PAC: Kory Louis
Royal Canadian Legion Jack Bishop Memorial Bursary: Chelsey Ellis
Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary Bursary: Ashley Abbott
Queen Charlotte Senior Principal’s In Trust Scholarship: Thea Borserio
Sid Dickens Foundation Bursary: Stephen Parnell
Wigmore Memorial Bursaries Educational Field: Josh Wesley
Skidegate Inlet Lions Margaret Ramsey Bursary: Chelsey Ellis
Weyerhaeuser QC Timberlands Forestry Bursary: Richard Pollard
UNBC Scholars Program-Grade 12 Student (full tuition for a four-year degree program): Kellie Hett
UNBC Scholars Program-Grade 11 Student (full tuition for a four-year degree program): Dana Myshrall
Kane Fernandes Award (four-year scholarship, accommodation, books, tuition, two paid trips home): Thea Borserio
Skidegate Band Council
Grade 10 Boy: Shawn Lyth
Grade 10 Girl: Tabitha Mearns
Grade 11 Boy: James Moody
Grade 11 Girl: Angeline Nelson
Grade 12 Boy: Owen Morrison
Grade 12 Girl: Camille Collinson
Leo Putterill Memorial: Eric Uttendorfer
Charlotte Building Supplies: Korey Fletcher
Bergstrom Rolfing Bursary: Thea Borserio
Harris and Company Law Scholarship: Janine Williams
City Centre Bursary: Kory Louis
Coastal Propane Bursary: Roi Yalte
Charlisle Clothiers Bursary: Chelsey Ellis
CUPE Local 2020: Korey Fletcher
Delmas Co-op Jessie Simpson Memorial Bursary: Ashley Abbott
Gwaalagaa Naay Bursary: Janine Williams

Queen Charlotte Secondary would like to thank all the individuals, organizations and businesses who supported our students through their generous financial donations at this time, and in so many other ways all year long. We look forward to working with our community to ensure the successes of our students next year. A giant congratulations to all our successful students!