Queen Charlotte sends out Hospital Day challenges

  • May. 23, 2003 6:00 a.m.

Submitted by Fran Fowler-Challenges have just gone out in the new COMMUNITY CELEBRITY CHALLENGE which will be held for the first time this Hospital Day, June 21. Four individuals from each community have been issued a challenge to uphold the honour of their community and to hold the trophy for a year to prove it. The individuals were not chosen totally at random, they tried to get an enforcement person, a medical person, a political person and a beaureaucratÂ…. which one are you? Now we realize that those individuals may not be able to participate so they can buy permission for someone else to take their place for $25 payable to Hospital Day 2003.
These teams of four representatives have 10 events in which they can take part in to win points depending on how well they do. Some of the events available are the parade, predicted bike race, Survive the 5 race, paper airplane toss, Larry Vogstad gumboot toss, pitch ‘n’ putt, ice cream eating contest, kayak races, wheelbarrow race, oreo stacking.
Another new challenge is the garden photo contest, sponsored by the QCI Arts Council for Hospital Day. Just submit your photo of an island garden to either hospital by June 1. Photos will be displayed in an 8×10 clip frame. You must include the name of the photographer and the gardener, as the $100 prize, selected by the audiences, will be shared. Any photo media is accepted.
There is still time to submit your nominations for Health Volunteer and Health Employee Honoree Awards for 2003. Please send nominations supporting your candidate to Box 48, Tlell before June 1.
Ball teams are practicing, so get your entry registered.
Teen Fear Factor is a possibility. A special event SCAVENGER DIVE HUNTÂ…that is right, under the waterÂ….some thought it was enough of a struggle to get into the suits. Watch for more info on this one. PERDICTED BIKE RACE-this is not a speed race, you have to figure out how long it will take to ride a set course, choose your own difficulty-$100 prize. Survive the 5-blade, walk, run, bike – all have a place, -shirts and prizes too.
Food, food, food from the pancake breakfast at 8 am through to the burrito lunch at noon and all the favorites, from corn to cheese cakes, to dinner by Kelly and her crew’s lasagna and Skidegate’s fish starting at 5 pm.
Anyone with more ideas for events on the day or ideas for purchases for health care on the islandsÂ…call Kay 559-4301.