Queen Charlotte wins silver in “Energetic Olympics”

  • Oct. 12, 2009 8:00 a.m.

Queen Charlotte has taken second place in the Energetic Olympics, an initiative to reduce energy consumption, sponsored by One Sky – The Canadian Institute of Sustainable Living, a group based in Smithers. Over the past two years, 16 BC municipalities and their residents have been engaged in the friendly competition to reduce their energy consumption, says One Sky’s energy programmer Kim Struthers. Ms Struthers says the municipality and residents were active in the competition, which helped people track scores in “events” like heating, transportation, goods and services consumption, electricity and food. Composting, buying carbon offsets for personal travel, weather stripping, caulking windows, using programmable thermostats, shopping at the farmer’s market and organizing food security events helped Queen Charlotte earn 10,210 points. McBride won the gold medal in the lightweight division (communities with less than 5,000 residents)with more than 13,000 points. Burns Lake was the bronze medal winner. Ms Struthers says One Sky hopes to continue this spirit of connection by awarding Queen Charlotte with a $350 donation to support its 2010 Earth Day celebration. According to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, municipal government decisions can influence more than 50 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. One Sky, through this Canadian International Development Agency-funded public engagement program, launched Energetic Olympics to encourage municipalities to improve their energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One Sky’s executive director Mike Simpson is embarking on a speaking tour across the northwest to promote the idea of energy equity. “Simply put, energy is a global resource and some of us need to use a lot less of it while the majority of the world needs access to more sustainable forms of energy,” says Mr. Simpson. Mr. Simpson will be traveling with Godwin Ugah, who works for the Council of Renewable Energy in Nigeria and they will be speaking at the Sustainable Living Fair next weekend and at the Queen Charlotte council on Oct. 19.