Queen Charlotte’s seawalk supported

  • Oct. 10, 2003 9:00 a.m.

The Qay’llnagaay Heritage Centre Society recently wrote an enthusiastic letter of support for Queen Charlotte’s proposed seawalk.
“After a day of cultural or back country exploration, the proposed seawalk will afford weary travelers with a leisurely walk along Queen Charlotte City’s picturesque shoreline,” wrote Robert DuDoward, executive director of the society, in a letter of support to the local management committee.
The seawalk is an old idea the management committee dusted off when the federal government announced plans to help communities affected by the softwood lumber crisis. The Softwood Industry Community Economic Initiative would pay 50 percent of the project, estimated at just over a million dollars. So far the management committeeís proposal has passed the first stage of approval. The committee hopes to know by this December if they have passed the second hurdle.
The seawalk would be built in several stages, with the first stage creating a walkway from Meegan’s store to the ballfield, and the second stage wrapping around the community hall.