Questions and answers about MIEDS

  • Aug. 9, 2013 7:00 a.m.

The Moresby Island Management Committee received a copy of Misty Islands Economic Development Society’s annual report when it met Thursday in Sandspit, prompting some discussion. “Are we getting good value for our money?” MIMC member Emmy O’Gorman asked, and MIMC chair Evan Putterill, also chair of MIEDS, replied “that’s a good question.” He said the organization is aggressively pursuing its new strategic plan, adding, “in general, we have been very successful on the tourist file.” Mr. Putterill admitted the community forest continues to be a problem despite MIEDS’s hard work. “We have not been able to develop a vision how to make that work as a community forest,” he said. The problem, he explained, is reconciling a market-drive economy for timber with the desire to have processing on Haida Gwaii. Ms O’Gorman continued with her questions. “Is it productive or is it papers and studies and vision….I need more meat and potatoes. It seems a little inadequate. It seems MIEDS has been around a long time now. I just don’t know,” she said. “Government isn’t always in control of the economy,” Mr. Putterill answered, “basically we are trying to foster an environment to make some small positive changes in the economy. You don’t see an incredible number of tangible benefits. I don’t see what we can do except follow our plan.” He added that he thinks the organization is turning around. “MIEDS has created a lot of reports in the past and I think that kind of puts people off,” he said. MIEDS’s annual report, released last spring, outlines a past year focusing on forestry, tourism, strategic planning and transportation. The organization was formed five years ago with about half a million dollars from the province. It had equity of $334,000 at the end of March.