Raccoon attacks puppy in Skidegate

  • Sep. 25, 2009 7:00 p.m.

A 10-week old golden retriever puppy narrowly escaped being dragged into the bush by a massive raccoon this week in Skidegate. Shirley Longboat said she got up at 5 am Tuesday (Sept. 22) to take Brewster out for a pee. When the puppy went under the porch, a raccoon grabbed him. She yelled and her husband came out and tried scaring off the wild animal, but it continued to drag the squealing puppy away. He kicked the raccoon in the head once and it didn’t give up, then he kicked it again and the raccoon let the puppy go. “Brewster ran under the porch and the raccoon went after him,” said Ms Longboat. She said the raccoon, which she guessed weighed a hefty 20 pounds, finally gave up. Brewster escaped with puncture wounds on his front and hind legs. “Thank God he didn’t have [Brewster] by the neck or he would have been gone,” she said. Ms Longboat said the raccoons around her place are really brave. She used to have an Ikeda dog that took care of them, but Brewster is the first puppy she’s had at home for a long time. Brewster was given antibiotics by the vet and is doing okay.