Rain was heavy in July

  • Aug. 6, 2007 6:00 p.m.

Heavy rain of the kind usually seen here only in the winter months drenched the islands during the last five days of July, says Tlell weather observer John Davies. Between July 27 and 31, 45 mm of rain fell, Mr. Davies said – pretty much the same amount as fell during the entire month of July last year. That final deluge boosted the monthly rainfall total to 76.4 mm, compared to 45.8 mm in July 2006. “On the 28th, we had more rain in one day than we’ve had in one day since January,” Mr. Davies said. The temperature was similar to last July, he said. In fact, this July was slightly warmer by some measures. The highest temperature of the month was recorded July 10, when the mercury hit 24 degrees. Last year, the highest temperature recorded in July was only 21.5 degrees. However, the average high was 18.2 degrees, slightly cooler than last July’s average high of 18.9 degrees. This July’s lowest temperature was 6.5 degrees, compared to 7 degrees last year. The average low throughout the month was 11.7 degrees, compared to 10.8 degrees in 2006.