RDSQC accepts landfill cover bid

  • Jul. 19, 2010 5:00 p.m.

A Richmond company will be on the islands by early August to install a special cover at the landfill site north of Port Clements, after the regional district voted in Prince Rupert Friday (July 16) to accept its bid. Western Tank and Lining submitted the lowest bid of the three received, at $277,623, and has experience installing the geotextile and geomembrane cover that the dump requires, according to a report from regional district deputy administrator John Farrell. The cover is part of the process of closing the original phase of the landfill, which started accumulating garbage in 1994. Its purpose is to stop rainwater from seeping through the garbage and producing harmful leachates. Western will also install piping for leachate collection and gas venting as part of the work. The job should be complete by mid to late August, Mr. Farrell said. In other regional district news: Directors voted to recommend approval of an application to use crown land south of Masset from Broadwing Renewables. The company wants to install a meteorological tower to collect data about the wind and weather, to see if the site would be suitable for a wind farm. Directors voted to recommend approval of a subdivision application from Gordon Schweers for a 41-hectare lot on Tow Hill Road about 16 kilometres east of Masset, with a couple of conditions. The owner proposes to divide the lot into six smaller lots, ranging in size from six to eight hectares. The conditions include the completion of an archeological impact assessment, that there be one entry off Tow Hill Road for all the lots, and that some space be considered for community wetlands. Islanders will be able to attend at least some of the regional district’s meetings in the future without travelling all the way to Prince Rupert. Directors voted to hold publicly accessible teleconference meetings on the islands every second month, with the location to rotate among the municipalities and electoral areas. This won’t cost the regional district any money, Mr. Farrell said, as islands directors are already attending every second meeting by teleconference. The first teleconferenced meeting that the public can attend will likely be held in October, he said.