Red Carpet out for Haida Gwaii Film Festival

Charlotte Communiques by Evelyn von Almassy: The big event coming up on Haida Gwaii is the Haida Gwaii Film Festival

  • Mar. 11, 2016 7:00 p.m.

The 88th Academy Awards is  history but, of course, the big event coming up on Haida Gwaii is the Haida Gwaii Film Festival. Friday, March 11 will see the Haida Heritage Centre in Skidegate being the venue for the first day of the festival.

The big news is that the director Charles Wilkinson and producer Tina Schliessler will be at the showing of Haida Gwaii: On The Edge of the World and there will be a question and answer period after the film.

This incredibly beautiful film has travelled around the world in the past year, since it was first shown here, and has won many awards at many film festivals.

For those of you who did not see it the first time, and for those who wish to see it again, get yourself to the performance house on March 11 (time to be announced).

You will recognize your neighbours and friends in this film. It is a powerful look at how things are just a little bit different on Haida Gwaii, and it will underline why so many of us have made this place our home. You will not be disappointed.

On Saturday, March 12 the community hall in Queen Charlotte, will be the venue for films, and the following day, Saturday, March 13, the community hall in Port Clements, will host the final day of the festival showing even more films.

The themes for 2016 include Atmospheres of Democracy: social justice, human rights and sociology; Wild Web World: environment, ecology of mind, philosophy; and Frame by Frame: animation, and non-narrative films.

Dafne Romero and her group of volunteers make this small but dynamic festival happen.

There is an animation workshop on March 14 at the Charlotte Teen Centre. There is also the film Flamenco by Carlos Aura, showing 13 rhythms of flamenco, and after the film there will be Spanish tapas (with chorizo sausage from Spain via Lithuania).

Really, I am not making this up,  Dafne says there will also be a salsa dance to get us moving.

Check out for times of the films, and costs of different passes.

If you have never been to this festival, be sure to catch it this year. It’s local, and it’s great.

Next week I shall update you with information about the progress of Operation Refugees Haida Gwaii.

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Enjoy the month of March!