Rediscovery holds public meeting in Old Massett Monday

  • Sep. 30, 2005 8:00 p.m.

The Rediscovery Society in the north end is holding a public meeting Monday to talk about a letter from one of the Old Massett clans demanding that the program abandon its Lepas Bay camp on the west coast of Graham island.
Lawrence Jones, acting chair of Rediscovery told the Observer the society received the letter September 9, asking that the program relocate.
“We weren’t happy with it,” he said, “Rediscovery has been out at Lepas Bay for twenty-seven years. We had a big meeting about it, and wondered ‘why are they doing this now.'”
Mr. Jones said the program has been very successful over the years, and has had about 1,000 people attend. He said the clan involved wants the society to abandon the camp, leaving the four longhouses, cabin and cookhouse just as they are.
“They want us to leave everything out there. Everything out there will belong to them,” he said.
Mr. Jones said the society wants to involve the community in the issue, which is why the meeting is being held. It starts at 3 pm Monday in the Old Massett community hall, with a potluck to follow at 6 pm.
Rediscovery operates a summer program at the camp which puts First Nations young people in touch with their heritage.