Repatriation extravaganza news

  • Mar. 24, 2004 7:00 a.m.

Submitted by Lucille Bell–The Repatriation Extravaganza is only 8 weeks away! Our guest speakers and visitors are anxious to come to Haida Gwaii for the conference and the beautiful islands. Many of the participants are bringing their family or friends, so we expect the May long-weekend to be buzzing in Massett. A big howa’a goes out to the Gwaii Trust, our latest proud sponsor of the event. Would you like to be a proud sponsor as well? We are looking for donations of small gifts for our Conference Potlatch Bags and for our Auction. If you have some small gifts like postcards, stickers, pins or brochures or an auction item, contact Denise at 626-5115 or Amanda at 626-5140. As you know, transportation is challenging on Haida Gwaii. We are looking for people to help drive our participants over the 4 days. Can you take a billet? If so, contact Patricia at 626-3985. There are a few tables left for the Art Expo. If you want to sell your creations or promote your organization, book a table for $15/day with Denise. We would also like to give a big howa’a to the dedicated volunteers who have come forward. We’re especially grateful to the young helpers – Tanisa, Dawn and Jaadaaljuus who folded hundreds of brochures. Remember, the Haida Gwaii price is $50 for the 2-day conference! Register by calling Denise or emailing