Revitalization trough multi-purposing of tennis courts

Sandspit's Shingle by Gaetano: Hockey Night in Sandspit 2016?

  • Feb. 5, 2016 6:00 a.m.

Hockey Night in Sandspit 2016 and Sandspit Tennis Open 2016? Yes! Maybe!

Transforming the existing asphalt tennis court beside Sandspit Community Hall into a year-round venue as an outdoor ice rink during winter months and outdoor ball court during spring and summer months would be a welcome addition to our small community grounds.

Upgrading Dover Trail or walking trails in and around the Spit into the Loop and beyond would definitely be another recreational asset not only to our local islanders but to off-island, global visitors all year round on their next visit to our little corner of Haida Gwaii.

Volunteer help and on-island funding is an excellent mix and will be what it takes to revitalizing sports and recreation in and around the Spit.

At their first 2016 community meeting the Moresby Island Management Standing Committee (MIMC) welcomed presentations from Gwaii Trust’s representative on what funding potentials are available to the communities of Haida Gwaii.

An update on the community’s golf course, the Sandspit Golf Course Society from Bill Quaas our Board chairman and No. 1 volunteer on all things golf reflected the hard work already vested by Sandspit’s adults and youngsters, thus bringing the beloved Willows back on par.

Bill also included fee structure and information posters being circulated island-wide. Golf is not just for the rich and famous, no! The poor and infamous bring balance and parity to the game, and are instrumental in revitalizing such a course like those in our small, remote and rural communities here on Haida Gwaii.

Back in full swing is circuit training at ALM’s gym. For the younger set it’s Open Gym Tuesday and Thursday at 3:15 to 4:15 p.m.

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