Roadblocks to be maintained over long weekend

  • Mar. 24, 2005 9:00 a.m.

Protesters will be maintaining the two logging road blockades at the Charlotte dryland sort and the Six Mile bridge near Juskatla over the long weekend, but aren’t planning any major events, says spokesperson Gilbert Parnell.
Mr. Parnell said the two camps have been enjoying a steady stream of visitors, and are prepared to stay “indefinitely”.
On Wednesday night (March 23), the Six Mile protesters enjoyed a turkey dinner at the Port Clements community hall with supporters from Port and other towns. Around 100 people attended, he said.
Mr. Parnell also said that he is getting calls from media outlets all over about the protest, which began earlier this week, and is expecting some television crews to arrive on Monday.
Meanwhile, Mr. Parnell said all islanders are welcome to come out and visit the sites. Islanders who want to go camping at Rennell Sound or other sites over the long weekend will not be held up at the blockades, he said. Tree planters are also getting through. Only logging traffic is being stopped, Mr. Parnell said.