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Robbery at Queen Charlotte convenience store

A mob of young people filed into Sam and Shirley's Grocery last Friday night and ran off with a feast of sandwiches, according to the proprietor.
Sam Leung was the only employee in the store, near the high school in the west end of Queen Charlotte, at around 10 pm on Friday March 3 when a young person held the door open to allow a stream of others in.
Mr. Leung says they made a beeline for the coolers in the corner where he stocks subs and other plastic-wrapped sandwiches.
As the young people began leaving without paying for anything, he yelled for them to stop.
"I warned them that 'I know your parents and you can't get away'," he said.
The fridge, which earlier had been full was ransacked by the time the incident was over.
Mr. Leung says he tried to chase them, but couldn't catch them. The incident was over very quickly. He thinks they were in the Grade 6 to 9 range and must have had a plan in place to carry out such an operation.
Three others of about the same age witnessed the event from the counter area where they were paying for their goods.
Raye Duffy was in the store shortly after the incident. She said Mr. Leung was very upset and she helped him call police. She didn't see any young people running out of the store, but she saw "mobs of kids around town wearing black and carrying duffel bags."
Mr. Leung knows some of the perpetrators by name, including one older boy, who normally comes to the store at lunch time.
"We didn't see him today or yesterday," Mr. Leung said.
The store has a policy that only three students are allowed in at a time at lunch, due to "sticky fingers," says Mr. Leung. Over the years, he has had to swallow many losses due to shoplifting by students.
RCMP responded to the call March 3 and were not available for comment by our deadline.

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