Sandspit goes green for Earth Day

  • Apr. 25, 2005 10:00 a.m.

by Kerri Haybittle–On April 22 every year, people the world over celebrate Earth Day by events from tree planting to festivals, waterway clean-ups to rallies. This is an international annual event that just had its 35th year.
The first International Earth Day was celebrated in 1990 with over 200-million people in 141 countries. The event brought pressure on heads of state to take part in the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro to address issues such as climate change and the worldwide loss of species.
Sandspit may not have had a rally, nor a festival, but it did have pine tree planting and a beach clean-up by the students of ALM School.
For over ten years, the Transport Canada employees at the Sandspit Airport, in association with the Teal Jones Group, have had an annual tree-planting event with students of ALM school.
After a walk down to the Sandspit airport in the warm, glorious morning sun, the Grade one to seven students gathered on the hallowed annual tree-planting grounds of Earth Days past. They were welcomed by Reg Brady, Acting Airport Manager and were introduced to Dale Morgan, Registered Professional Forester and Heather Brule, Forest Technician both employed by Teal Jones.
The students were taken around the previously planted trees and were given an education by Dale on the stages of growth, age markers, signs of mortality and optimal growing conditions.
With the little arborists keen to get down to the days business, Heather, a ‘retired from the rigors of planting’ planter with five years experience, introduced the students to the sixty donated lucky one year old pinus contorta contorta and the little slow-release fertilizer packets that would help to grow strong, sturdy trees. With shovel in hand, she then demonstrated the technique of planting, mentioned things to take heed of such as; keeping the roots straight, not having air pockets and keeping the fertilizer packets away from directly touching the plugs. Heather then sent off exuberate groups of kids, teachers and parent aides, all ready to give the tiny plugs a new home, Sandspit Airport’s terra firma.
On behalf of Transport Canada and ALM school, I would like to thank both Dale and Heather for generously donating their time and expertise and also the Teal Jones Group for their donation of the trees.
Earth Day is an annual event to highlight and encourage people to take action and be responsible for their actions as they relate to our beautiful, fragile earth. Each and every day should be Earth Day and we can all do very simple and little things that synergistically, make the world of difference.
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