Sandspit hall renovations delayed

  • Jun. 28, 2010 6:00 p.m.

The Sandspit community hall renovations are delayed but they are coming, according to regional district director Evan Putterill. The Moresby Island Management Committee is a little behind on the tendering process, he said, but once things get underway the existing hall will be gutted. “We’ll keep the structure, but everything else will be new,” he said. The project involves green technologies such as a solar water heating system, rainwater collection and an air-to-air heat pump, which is very efficient, says Mr. Putterill. MIMC will also be moving its office to the hall, and a small addition to the existing structure will accommodate it. Mr. Putterill says the move will save the committee $400 a month in rent. He expects will savings on heat as well. The budget for the project is $560,000, funded by Towns for Tomorrow, the Northern Development Trust, MIMC and the Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District.