Sandspit hears from Haida Nation

  • Mar. 24, 2005 5:00 a.m.

Council of the Haida Nation representatives were in Sandspit last night (March 23) to explain this week’s “uprising”, which has halted Weyerhaeuser logging on Graham Island.
“There were lots of concerned people there,” said Sandspit resident Warren Foster. “There was good interaction and discussion.”
Mr. Foster said CHN president Guujaaw, vice-president Arnie Bellis and Port Clements mayor Dale Lore all addressed the well-attended meeting.
“There were lots of good comments made and everybody was respectful,” said Bill Beldessi, who was also there. “It was actually very good.”
Robert Chisholm, who works for Challenger Chainsaws, described the meeting as “sedate” and “calm”. He said people are worried, though, about what a logging shutdown could mean for the town.
“If they shut it down, they might as well shut down Sandspit,” Mr. Chisholm said. “We would suffer horribly.”
There is no road blockade on Moresby Island at the moment.