Sandspit lifeboat station almost ready

  • Mar. 12, 2004 6:00 p.m.

The crew, the boats and the building are almost ready-the Sandspit lifeboat station will be opening this spring.
“We’re looking at coming in May. However, the dates are not completely firmed up yet,” says Fred Moxey, Superintendent of Lifeboat Stations on the Pacific Coast.
“Four crew are just completing their training. We’ve had them all over the west coast at various stations,” says Mr. Moxey. “They’ll be joining Sandspit station with a well rounded experience from all the coast guard stations.”
Two crews of four will alternate two-week rotations at the station. The two captains and two engineers have been hired from within the coast guard, but the four seamen are islanders who are being trained to help run the boats, participate in search and rescue and provide emergency aid when necessary.
The 47-foot lifeboat is out of dry dock in Victoria and being fitted with radio equipment, says Mr. Moxey.
“We’re really looking forward to getting into the community and opening up the station,” says Mr. Moxey. After the building becomes operational, the coast guard will invite the community to a celebration.
The Sandspit station is one of two new stations on the coast, with the other in Bella Bella.