Sandspit likely to vote in August

  • Jun. 19, 2009 10:00 a.m.

It looks like Sandspit residents will be going to the polls Aug. 29 to elect a new regional district director, following the resignation of Travis Glasman. Mr. Glasman is set to resign his seat at tonight’s regional district meeting, which takes place in Prince Rupert. Thursday night, he resigned as chair of the Moresby Island Management Committee (June 18). He told committee members the decision to resign was difficult, but necessary due to the challenges presented by his new job as economic development officer for the Misty Isles Economic Development Society. He thanked the committee members and the community, saying he had enjoyed serving them as regional district director for the past four years. Mr. Glasman was first elected in 2005, and was acclaimed to a second term just seven months ago. Committee member Robert Chisholm said Mr. Glasman will be missed. “I commend you for your service to the community,” he said. “Hats off, man. Good show.” Regional district administrator John Holland attended the Thursday meeting to discuss possible election dates with the management committee. They dismissed Sept. 5 as it falls on the Labour Day weekend, and decided the best date would be Saturday, Aug. 29. With the regional district usually not meeting in August, this would mean the new director could be in place for the September meeting, leaving Sandspit without representation only at the July meeting. Committee members also advised Mr. Holland that the advance poll should be held on Wednesday, Aug. 19, with hopes that the 10 days between polls and one weekend and one weekday poll, as many residents as possible will be able to vote. Of course, an election may not be necessary. If only one nomination is received, that person will be acclaimed, as Mr. Glasman was in the last election. Mr. Holland said that once the regional district appoints the chief election officer (which it is expected to do Friday), he will announce the nomination period. Nomination papers will be available in Sandspit.