Sandspit Matters

  • Dec. 31, 2008 12:00 p.m.

By Laurie ChisholmHappy New Year to all who travel, live and have their hearts here on the Islands! I trust it was a great Christmas for all or send me stories to write. We were quiet for the most part and Lego makes a minimum of noise unless it is wedged into the bottom of one’s foot! Then the noise factor increases dramatically.Our house is on a new food regime and it doesn’t have gluten, sweets, nitrates, alcohol, tobacco, fried food, deep fried food, or starch with anything but vegetables. Cheese may even go on the chopping block (no pun intended) at which point I may have to reconsider my vows. We are not making any New Years’ resolutions as you can see there is nothing to give up except maybe “fun” but without all the above mentioned I may not have the strength for fun.We have no birthday celebrations to mention and other than complaining about the lack of flights over Christmas it has been a safe and quiet time. Whether you celebrated your New Year at the Orange Roof or the Community hall I hope you had a grand time.We did lose a long time resident of Sandspit, Len Bond over the holidays. Our hearts and prayers go out to his wife Tina, his many friends and relatives.There will be a Holiday Dinner for the community at the airport on Jan.10. Please look for posters for time, and what to bring.Evan Putterill is now the official poster boy of flight insurance! He was smart enough to purchase flight insurance for $25 and because of this Evan was put up in a hotel until flying weather and a plane could be located. All his meals, taxis and a flight with another airline (Pacific Coastal) were paid in full. That made it a Merry Christmas indeed!Many people were left here during the holiday season, missing their well planned time off island and many more were stranded at the airport in Vancouver. While time with loved ones is important it is just as important to be safe. May the New Year bring everyone a happy and prosperous time in your lives.That’s it from Sandspit where the glamour never stops and the drama never ends!