Sandspit surveys residents about work, future plans

  • May. 4, 2006 10:00 a.m.

By Heather Ramsay

The plight of residents of Sandspit will be documented once the Moresby Island Management Committee wraps up a unique community survey.
More than 70 residents have filled out the survey, which regional district director Travis Glasman says will help to build a case about the critical nature of Sandspit’s employment situation.
The survey gathers general demographic information about each household, including the age and gender of members. It then asks household members how many days they have worked since last April. Other questions include: Have members of your family been forced to work off-island? And are you going to be forced to leave Sandspit in the near future for work?
Residents’ financial status now and five years ago is recorded as well as recent strategies used to pay bills, like cashing in investments or selling property.
MIMC members decided the survey was necessary at a special meeting of the committee on April 17.
Mr. Glasman says the results will be sent to the Premier and copied to the Minister of Forests, Minister of Agriculture and Lands and the Minister of Community Services, as well as MLA Gary Coons.
Members of the community are also on a letter-writing blitz. Mr. Glasman says NDP Forestry critic Bob Simpson told them “the more letters the better” as the government takes this information and weighs their policies against the number of letters for and against something.
On Sunday, residents came armed with computers and their writing skills and gathered to compose the dispatches en masse.
Closer to home, Mr. Glasman says MIMC has sent a letter accepting an invitation from Old Massett village council to meet and strategize new economic development ideas.