Sandspit’s sewer/water system progressing

  • Feb. 13, 2004 2:00 p.m.

Sandspit will have a new sewer and water system within the next couple of years at the latest, says Mr. Beldessi, newly elected chair of the sewer/water commission. “We’re working really hard. We’re trying to foresee any obstacles. We’re proceeding forward with due diligence. It really pays off in the long run. You can’t ask enough questions of people,” says Mr. Beldessi.
The commission received approval for an infrastructure grant from the federal and provincial governments to pay for two thirds of the $3.6-million project. They will apply this month for a Gwaii Trust Grant to pay for the remaining third of the costs.
The next step is completion of the environmental assessment, then an engineering plan must be created before construction can begin.
The money must be spent by March 2006, he says, but hopefully construction will begin much sooner than that.Once it does, the project will take 5 to 6 months, says Mr. Beldessi.
Mr. Beldessi became commission chair in January following the death of previous chair Alex Ross.
“Prior to the election of the new chair, there was discussion of the time involved. The unanimous feeling of everyone, including the regional district director was that a stipend should be paid,” says Mr. Beldessi. The chair will be expected to keep a log of the hours spent overseeing the project to make sure the payment is warranted. The sewer and water commission has voted to pay the chair $500 a month.
The new water system will provide safe drinking water to all of Sandspit including Hardingville, along Copper Bay Road south-east of the community. It includes a water distribution system, water treatment plant and conservation measures, says Mr. Beldessi. Four wells have already been drilled and are ready to produce water.