Santa helicopters to Sandspit

  • Dec. 16, 2005 5:00 p.m.

Submitted by Pat Carrie Smith–Servers with red blinking noses and red antler hats dished up a Christmas breakfast to the students of A.L. Mathers school Wednesday morning in Sandspit. In the room, the excitement was building in anticipation of Santa’s annual visit by helicopter, except baby Logan, asleep in the carrier on his mother’s chest, his antler hat bobbing askew. The chopping sound of helicopter blades sent everyone outside to watch Santa land on the golf course with three of his elves. With a big wave, he sprang out onto the ground, and then everyone was back inside in a flash for each of the students to take his or her turn talking with Santa. The elves helped Santa distribute goodies from his bag, and the room was soon full of many happy faces. What a cool way to start a school day!
Lynn Scott, Chris Charman and Margaret Charman organized the event, with help from Vanessa Cobbs, Destiny Buchart, Casey Cilli, Sandra Dickson, Gail Henry, Mary Waskul, Heather Brule, Samantha McDonald, Triston Waskul, and Santa Claus.
Special thanks to VIH for the helicopter transport and to Queen Charlotte Safaris, which donated eggs and orange juice for the breakfast.
Happy holidays to all on Haida Gwaii!