School board meetings this week

  • Apr. 26, 2004 5:00 p.m.

The school board will hold a series of seven meetings starting Wednesday (April 28) to hear what islanders have to say about which communities school trustees should represent.
The board is undertaking this consultation in response to a request from the Old Massett village council and Skidegate band council, which want to see 50 per cent Haida representation on the school board.
Right now, there are seven trustees, with one representing Old Massett and one representing Skidegate. The other five trustees represent communities which are mostly non-Haida, even though more than half the students in the district are of Haida ancestry.
According to an information package from the school district, the Council of the Haida Nation has proposed a new board structure, which would see one elected representative from Old Massett, one from Skidegate, one from Masset, one from Port/Tlell, one from Queen Charlotte/Sandspit, and two representatives appointed by the CHN.
The school board says it does not currently support any particular model, but would like to see “a configuration that would enhance education opportunity and outcome for all students”.
The board has hired Inder Mehat, a principal in the Stikine school district, to oversee the consultation process. Mr. Mehat will be here next week for a series of consultations in each islands community, to give the public a chance to share opinions and ideas about the structure of the school board. The meetings will be held:
• Wednesday, April 28 at Chief Matthews school in Old Massett.
• Thursday, April 29 at Tahayghen elementary school in Masset.
• Friday, April 30 at Port Clements elementary school.
• Saturday, May 1 at the Tlell fire hall.
• Monday, May 3 at Sk’aadgaa Naay elementary school in Skidegate.
• Tuesday, May 4 at Queen Charlotte secondary school.
• Wednesday, May 5 at A.L. Mathers school in Sandspit.
All meetings take place from 7 pm to 9 pm. The school board will also accept written submissions until May 5. Consultation packages are available at the school board office, locals schools and band council offices, as well as on the internet at