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School board to sell surplus houses

The school board has decided to sell two mobile homes in Masset and a house in Sandspit, saying the properties are no longer needed.
The three homes have been empty for the past three to five years, said maintenance supervisor Bill Wiggins at this week's school board meeting (March 25) in Skidegate. At one point, they were rented out to school district staff.
The properties will be publicly advertised, Mr. Wiggins said. The three properties to be sold are a house in Sandspit located in front of A.L. Mathers school (only the building will be offered for sale - the land it is on is part of the school property), a mobile home and two lots on Millard Street in Masset, and a mobile home and lot on Burgess Avenue in Masset.
Mr. Wiggins described the mobile homes as being in "very rough shape". The properties are a maintenance expense and a liability to the school district, he added.
The school board owns several other properties in various islands communities, but chair Andreas Uttendorfer said there are no plans to sell any more.
It's not yet clear where the money generated by the sale will go, said secretary-treasurer Leonard Ibbs. If the money to buy them in the first place came from Ministry of Education capital funding, the Ministry may earmark the sale money to be spent on capital projects in the district, Mr. Ibbs said. If the money was raised from operating grants or local capital, the school district can spend it as it sees fit.

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