School board will make do with less money

  • May. 2, 2005 10:00 a.m.

There will be less money spent on teachers, administrators and support staff at the school board next year, but few individuals will lose their jobs.
Andrea deBucy, secretary-treasurer of the school district has been scrambling to save about $400,000 next year, and has ended up reducing support staff costs by about $50,000, teaching staff by $150,000 and administrators by $66,000, for a total of $316,000.
“We did not make as deep staff cuts as we thought we had to,” MS DeBucy said.
Most schools will see their support staff funding drop slightly, and several will lose five hours a week of secretarial time, while Masset’s Tahayghen will also lose 10 hours a week of clerk/typist time. “No other school had that amount,” Ms deBucy said.
She said what the board heard loud and clear at the budget consultation meetings earlier this year was to “keep any reductions away from the classroom”.
There has been some streamlining in the board office in Queen Charlotte as well, with two full time positions reduced to 80-percent time each, Ms deBucy said.
“I think this will balance the budget, but only for this year,” Ms DeBucy said. She said she expects funding to be tight in the next couple of years.
The board expects to spend $8.7-million next year, and is predicting to enroll 750 students, down from 792 this year and over 1,000 as recently as the 2000 school year. It plans to pass its final budget for the coming year when it meets in Masset on May 24.