School district representation plan disturbs Sandspit reside

  • Jun. 8, 2005 5:00 p.m.

Sandspit resident Dan McNeil is disturbed by what potential changes to school district trustee representation could mean for the future of the community’s school.
The school board proposes to reduce its numbers from seven to five members, and change the board representation areas, leaving Sandspit without its own trustee.
“Last year before they brought that guy in to do a study, we got a petition with a lot of support which was totally ignored,” said Mr. McNeil. The north end will have two trustees, according to Mr.. McNeil, one for Old Massett and one for Masset/Tow Hill, which he doesn’t think is fair.
Sandspit and Queen Charlotte will share a trustee, and Mr. McNeil thinks it unlikely that a Sandspit resident would be elected because of the difference in population between the two communities.
He’s concerned that the loss of a trustee will ultimately mean the closure of Sandspit’s school.
“They’ll railroad our school out of business to increase their enrolment,” Mr. McNeil said. “We’ve been living in fear of the school closing down for several years. We’ll probably lose the high school already.”
The school board is holding public meetings on the changes Monday in Masset and Tuesday in Queen Charlotte. It expects the changes will be implemented before the election in November.