School going great guns after eleven years

  • May. 18, 2005 11:00 a.m.

Submitted by the L&L School–Eleven years since its inception, our small parent-run school thrives and the living and learning goes on, flowing beyond the 9-3 classroom setting, with an emphasis on social and environmental responsibility.
Class meetings and a student-developed code of conduct foster a sense of responsibility and caring, self-expression and personal power. While pursuing the Ministry of Education Learning Outcomes for grades 1-7, learning becomes so much richer when it is guided by the children’s passion and curiosities, nurturing a life-long motivation to learn.
Math becomes designing, measuring, and building garden boxes and choosing what to plant. Families enjoyed an evening of student poetry and potluck. We attended night school, to watch and study the lunar eclipse. A community mentor led a bike maintenance workshop. We’ll be in camp and participating in real seabird research. Later this spring watch for our Haida Gwaii tourist brochure, written by and for kids. There’s been knitting, archery, ukelele, marine biology, line dancing, Indian dancing, experiments with germs, and a lot of outdoor education and sports. And of course, along the way the students have written some great research reports, learned long division, used the library a lot, and worked and worked on those times tables.
The Living and Learning school truly is a learning community, supported by parents. teachers, and many community volunteers. Many thanks are due to these volunteers and mentors, for helping feed the fire of curiosity and the love of learning.
Living and Learning is more than a name. We are accepting registrations for September 2005, and we invite you to arrange a time to come and visit the school. To receive an information package, or just to come and have a look please call the school at 559-8757, or ask any Living and Learning family to refer you to a school board member.