School is back Monday morning

  • Oct. 23, 2005 8:00 a.m.

Teachers on the islands and around the province will be back in the classrooms Monday morning, according to Duncan White, President of the Queen Charlotte District Teachers’ Association.
Mr. White told the Observer at 8:45 pm Sunday that he had just received word from Vancouver that the result of the teachers’ vote was to accept the recommendations of the mediator’s report and get back to work Monday morning. He had no details available of the vote.
The teachers had been on strike since Friday. October 7, a full two weeks, to back their demands for more control over learning conditions and for a wage increase.
Mediator Vince Ready bookied into the dispute last week and issued a report calling for compromise from both the government and teachers.
Teachers accepted the reports’ recommendations when they voted Sunday, paving the way for classes to resume Monday morning.
It is expected school buses will be running normally Monday morning, but the Observer could not confirm that Sunday night.