School wants sign back ASAP!

  • Aug. 31, 2007 8:00 p.m.

The Port Clements school is looking for one of its “Tsunami Evacuation Site” signs, which was taken from the school’s Tingley Street entrance the night of Aug. 28. School secretary Lyn McAlpine said a Tingley Street resident was outside around 11:30 pm and noticed a tall man wearing a baseball cap unscrewing the sign and taking it away. “It’s gone, and we’d like it back,” Ms McAlpine said. “We’re hoping this person will understand the implications of what they did, and return the sign ASAP.” The village of Port Clements gave the sign to the school just a few months ago, as part of its tsunami readiness program. The school is the designated evacuation site for the village, and the sign alerts the public to that fact. Village clerk Heather Nelson-Smith said the village does have another sign which it will be putting up at the school. There have been a few other incidents of sign vandalism in town recently, Ms Nelson-Smith said. Some signs have been hit with scaling paint, and someone drew what looks like a beer bottle in the hand of the child on the “Slow” traffic sign near the school.